Someone you care about

is struggling with

thoughts of suicide.

You’ve come to the

right place.

Womxn, Reimagined

2020 was a year that brought many challenges, frustrations and forced us to readjust so many aspects of our lives. Sadly, many womxn were impacted at disproportionate rates as it related to health care, joblessness and daily support for the mental and emotional toll that 2020 brought.

Join Richmond Friends of Prevention Coalition + Richmond Behavioral Health Authority for a FREE monthly support group designed for womxn.

Job loss? Abrupt ending to a lifelong friendship? Disagreement with significant other? Fender bender during rush hour?

Many people have experienced traumatic event in their lives, some of which result in years of recovering from the pain of those experiences. And while the “big” traumas of life often get named, there are times when life catches us by surprise but because it may not fit into the “Big Trauma” box, it may be overlooked, suppressed or passed off as not a big deal.

Join us for Session Two of Womxn Reimagined as we discuss how the challenges that we face, including the every day struggles of life, may contribute to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, how to recognize them as a form of trauma and how to find support when those things arise.

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Feb 24 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm