Someone you care about

is struggling with

thoughts of suicide.

You’ve come to the

right place.

When The Community Needs Help

We all know that COVID-19 has revealed deep structural inequities in black and brown communities.  These inequities have persisted for generations and they have been driven by discriminatory policies and practices.  While we all must continue to work to mitigate the consequences of these fundamental injustices, what do black and brown communities do right now to meet basic human needs? Where are the jobs?  How do you keep your housing and feed your family with no income or resources?    Where’s the support-both mental health and financial? These are other topics will be covered on FOPC’s next Community Conversation. Join Radio-One’s Clovia Lawrence and her guests as they identify resources and provide relevant information for When The Community Needs Help!

The Friends of Prevention Coalition of Richmond and the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority are united with our public, private, faith and individual partners to create and sustain safe, thriving and well communities! For more information about the work of FOPC, please check us out on Facebook at Friends of Prevention Coalition or our website  Also, share this information and tune in to When The Community Needs Help on Tuesday, December 15th at 5:00 p.m. on KISS RICHMOND’s Facebook page!


Dec 15 2020