Someone you care about

is struggling with

thoughts of suicide.

You’ve come to the

right place.

Free Webinar: Managing The Pain Of Loss

This is a practical workshop with a short presentation and strategies on managing the pain of loss. Anne Moss lost a child to suicide and these strategies are applicable for anyone who has lost someone they love.

Anne Moss is planning to do breakout rooms for this so there will be some interaction and talking with other attendees.

Visual by Mehmet Maltug, owner of Cool Colors Gallery in Cary Town, Virginia.

For: The bereaved and caregivers for the bereaved

Learning Outcomes:

· Learn how to manage emotions around how others speak of and perceive your loss

· Learn coping strategies in an interactive environment to help you manage the pain of loss

· Learn how others have moved through grief in a healthy and productive way



Dec 08 2020


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm