Someone you care about

is struggling with

thoughts of suicide.

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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

The Office of Child and Family Services at DBHDS is excited to announce that Thursday, May 6th is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day! We have collaborated with several organizations and subject matter experts to create a series of five videos that are relevant following a very challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustices. This year’s theme “Resilience in Times of Adversity and Uncertainty” was chosen based on feedback we received directly from families and to address the additional mental health challenges the pandemic has created for many youth, adolescents, and families. One video will be released each day, May 3rd-7th, on the DBHDS YouTube channel-found here. You can also check the DBHDS Facebook page and Twitter for a link to the video of the day. These videos are for families, caretakers, and professionals.

Videos will remain on the DBHDS YouTube page so you can watch them at your convenience and in any order.

Titles and presenters for each video are listed below:

· Nurturing Family Resilience Through Support with Bianca Martin and Mary Beth Walsh

· Coping with Uncertainty Using Mindfulness and Yoga with Project Yoga Richmond J Miles and Syd Collier

· Resilience: Promoting the Mental Health of Youth and Young Adults as Providers with Sophie Fontaine

· Build Your Resilience in the Face of Crisis with Jonathan Arries, Sarah McCarthy, Karen Grabowski, Darnell “Darrie” Harrell, Kristyn “Makenna” Schilling and Alexis Pinos

· The Impact of Racial Trauma and Resilience: Creating Solutions for Children & Families with Chloe Edwards, Amanda Lynch and Egette Indelele

We hope that you will find these videos helpful with practical strategies and solutions for helping families and young people to achieve success and abundance in their lives.

Additional resource: The National Federation of Families has developed a workbook just for kids to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness. It can be found hereopens PDF file .


May 03 - 07 2021


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