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Promoting an Inclusive, Healthy, and Safe Community

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Our goal at Henrico Area Prevention Services is to promote wellness. Henrico Area Prevention Services supports individuals, family and community strengths, by reducing the influence of risk factors, and increasing protective factors. Addressing risks and building upon the strengths of youth, families, and communities averts the need for more costly substance use and mental health treatment services. Visit Henrico Area Prevention to learn more!

Behavioral Wellness

Henrico Area Prevention Services aligns itself with SAMHSA’s wellness model, which promotes the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. Click on the “Wellness Wheel” to learn more about the programs and environmental strategies that we are implementing in our communities.

Contact www.mentalhealthfirstaid.org or 804-727-8058 (Henrico, Charles City, and New Kent counties) for course information.

Henrico Mental Health & Development Services, Prevention

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